15 Dec 2019



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chantai n; to indicate or suggest, ‘cui’ (bros), extremely relaxed




chantai v; relaxing, like romantic couples or happy turtles, just taking it slow and easy, on a Lovina, Bali beach, singing and swimming with beautiful dolphins




‘chantai’ is a mix of Indonesian words, ‘santai’(relaxed) ‘pantai’ ‘beach’ ‘cewe’(girl) cantik (pretty) ‘cowo’(boy) cakap (handsome/talking) ‘cui’ (bro) as well as,


French, ‘chanter’(to sing) Norman, Romansch, Romanian, ‘cui’(slang, marijuana) Vietnamese cui/qui(turtle) Classical Nahuatl (take, to have sex with)





Example use

hey waz up!!??

chantai adja!!!


Word came from

santai plus cui(bro) cantik(pretty)cakap(chanter)