14 Nov 2019

Scratch N' Schiff


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Scratch N’ Schiff n; a demoncrat's, quid pro quo; ie "ill scratch yours, you scratch mine"

Scratch N’ Schiff n; a hasty snack, a bite to eat, just a brief period of exertion, then scratched and Schiffed out, losing, ‘big time’; a double dribble, quibble, in the heat, until the next diversion




A Scratch N Schiff represents

scrat cratch fever n; when a shifty Schiff, incompetent left wing boob, is scratched by a pelosi goblin, it equals; a snatch made in a demoncrat's, heaven

aka "Mr and Miss-Demeaners, sittin in a,  High-crimes, Adam’s family, ‘trea’, k-i-s-s-i-n-g,...first comes, swampy, fudgy, sludge, then comes the disparaged marriage, then comes an impeachy keen, baby boy, named, ‘Treason’ with no rhyme nor reason, all wrapped up in some, demonic, 'Pelosemary’s baby', carriage  




the name Scratch likely comes from Middle English scrat, the name of a demon or goblin, derived from Old Norse skratte.




scrat; A wiff of a ripe loud crotch in serious need of a scrub




cratch (plural cratches)


1. (obsolete) A grated crib or manger


snatch; to nibble, snort, chatter, to sob, pant, long for, no matter

Middle English sna(c)che (verb) ‘suddenly snap at’, (noun) ‘a snare’; perhaps related to snack.



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Word came from

scratch N Sniff + snatch + schiff