13 Nov 2019

A crock of Schiff


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A crock of Schiff n; a phrase describing, a piss poor democracy's bunch of, 'shifty, shifts', doing, 'Schiffty' business that eventually only ends up, ‘sinking’ their own, 'Schiff'


A crock of Schiff

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The contrast between Adam Schiff’s parody rendition of Trump’s telephone conversation with President Zelensky of Ukraine on July 25, 2019 as a "classic organized crime shakedown", and the actual nature of the phone call, is so stark it needs to be emphasized. The call wasn't about asking a foreign power to "make up dirt" on a political opponent to influence an election, but in part was asking a favor to reopen the investigation on Mykola Zlochevsky that had been shut down when Joe Biden got the prosecutor Shokin fired and "solid" Lutsenko replaced him. But instead of nailing Zlochevsky, within 10 months "Burisma announced that Mr. Lutsenko and the courts had "fully closed" all "legal proceedings and pending criminal allegations" against Mr. Zlochevsky and his companies." The "bad guy" got off scot free. It doesn't add up and smells like corruption, and Trump is asking Zelensky to assist.



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euphemism for the idiom, 'a crock of shit'