15 Oct 2019




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betillter n(be-tillter) ; one who belittles to a tilt; an extreme belittler who constantly puts down someone else's play, until they tilt to an emotional breakdown



The definition of “belittle” can be easily surmised from the two words that it is made up of, “be” and “little.” Said another way, belittling is language or behavior that literally makes someone feel small, unimportant, inferior or minimized. While it’s easy to understand what belittling is, it is harder to identify it as a verbal and emotional abuse tactic because unlike shouting and yelling, belittling usually happens in private and becomes a pattern of abuse over time. 




Example use

How about playing at this table

na, that guys a professional 'betillter', and I don't wanta  tilt

how can you tell hes a betillter?

Because I can hear the belittling tilt, in his voice.... Hes "Adolf Belittler!!!"


Word came from

belittler; to put down someone