09 Oct 2019



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rajmauina adj(raj-mau-ina); there is no higher reign for one who can enjoy a joint with their mother; or just to have a joint alone in memory of mom, missing mom while she reigns in heaven

rajmauina n; spiritual parents, intelligent enough not to have believed in a governments evil reefer madness propoganda that marijuana is a dangerous drug that makes people crazy


From Hindi (royalty, kingship, sovereignty, empire).

raj; Reign; rule.

raj (uncountable)


Indonesian./ Ternate

mau; want



  1. to want, to desire
  2. (auxiliary) will





  1. (stative) always, perpetual
  2. (stative) to continue

Rapa Nui

mau; supreme


mau; much


German/ Portuguese

mau; evil, bad



Example use

dude you're moms so cool, you're so lucky!!

ya, rajmauina for sure!!

Word came from

marijuana; a miracle herb from God

Image result for mom smoking weed cartoon