25 Jul 2019

Stoney Tark


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Stoney Tark n; extremely skillful, creative, witty and gitty from being stoned, ie, 'Mcgiver' on weed; superhero stoned




A Stoney Tark is also known as, ‘orniman’; the 'Ironman man of magical hands', attractive, arable, and very plowable













From Proto-Finnic *tarkka. Cognate to Finnish tarkka and Votic tarkka (smart, skillful; a shaman).




tark (genitive targa, partitive tarka)


  1. smart person
  2. shaman, sorcerer








tark; precise



Example use

WoW!! Thats frikin, 'Stoney Tark' cool dude!!! !!!How'd you create that!!?


I dont drink alcohol, only take herbs from Jagan, the Universe.....  the world is still dumb and numb from consuming the man made legalized poison called, alcohol while criminalizing what God created, medicinal, healthy herbs


Ja!! Gan dude!!!   


Word came from

Tony Stark

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