11 Jul 2019



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wajab!; literally, “You don’t have to say a thing, the answer is written all over your face”


wajab; I don’t have to ask you, I can see it in your blush, it’s written all over your face


wajab; ada ‘jawab’ dari ‘wajah’, jadi tidak harus tanya






 Bahasa Indonesia

jawab; answer

wajah; face




aj-waj; aj waj


1.     oy vey; oh dear


wajab , wajabi Translation


Roman Urdu Urdu Meaning in English
wajab , wajabi >>>> allowable

Example use


Honey you wanta ??? …… Aahhh! wajab!!!! You don’t have to say a thing I can see it in your blush!!!…… love you!…. need you!….. oh babe….. I wanta kiss you all over, and over again……… till the night closes in!!!!!

Word came from

jawab; bahasa Indo, answer