26 Jun 2019

itil itil I can!


itil itil I can! a humorous reply, used in indonesia, to answer the common question, 'can you speak Bahasa Indonesia? 
 The contraction of it+will= it'll, sounds like, 'itil' which means 'clitoris'in Bahasa
Note: when an expat asks an indonesian the same question, "can you speak English?"  Many Indonesians will reply by saying " little little, I can"
A very effective play on words that's extremely funny to most but should be used with caution as its rated R
Bahasa Indonesia
itil; clitoris
Haitian Creole
itil; useful
ITIL; Intensive Therapeutic Interactive loving


Example use

Expat; Hello, can you speak English?
Sexy Indo babe; "oh no, little little I can!", can you speak Bahasa?
Expat; itil itil I can!
indo babe; wow!! heehee, you gila crazy ya!??
Expat; oh, don't worry, itil be ok.... Im from Itily


Word came from

little little i can sounds close to itil itil i can itil means clitoris