13 Jun 2019

ducking fynamite


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ducking fynamite; a phrase that means, prepare to duck or get struck, if messing with someone's, "fynamite", girls so fine, theyre dynamite and devious which can be dangerous
ducking fynamite;proceed with extreme caution and prepare to duck  
FYNA-MITE; For Your Necessary Action, 
you, 'MITE' want to 'duck', or get struck hard by her dynamite
If a fynamite chick approaches a guy, and she makes the first move on him, being all nice and flirtatious, is cause for concern because chances are, a jealous husband, boyfriend or ex, is right behind you, ready to attack, 'so you 'mite' want to duck' , means 'look out' its too good to be true



Example use


Hey Donald, watch out!! shes ducking fynamite!! Shes so fynamite!! im afraid for you!!
Donald; no worries i already blasted the sexy fynamite away with my ice cold glare, its too bad though, she really had a nice pair!

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Word came from

euphemism for 'f'...ing dynamite


by truble