04 Jun 2019



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fynamite; dynamite fine; someone so uber fine, theyre dynamite


Note; fynamites can be Foxy/Fun, Yummy, Nymphs(very friendly and harmless), but, can also be very dangerous, like an ‘amite’ red ant, so proceed with caution


FYNA; Foxy, Yummy, Nymph, Action

nymph young girl, especially one who is attractivebeautiful or graceful





Etymology. "Amite" may be derived from either the Choctaw word for "red ant", signifying "thrift", or from the French amitié, meaning "friendship".

Example use

Yo that chick is so foxy fine, shes dynamite! 

Ya, we better duck, take cover quick, fynamite chicks like that are known to suddenly explode

Word came from

fine + dynamite