31 May 2019

swaeomi camel


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swaeomi camel n(see swaeomi); Sexiest Woman Alive Ever, with magical, mesmerizing omi kissing lips and spit so powerful, the spell can  make any man her slave



Example use

Boss;  Tell me one reason why you missed 7 days of work this time, and it better be good Simpson!!!!


You gotta believe me boss! I was kidnapped and held captive in the Sahara desert, It was terrible.  Boss I swear i was mesmerized and tortured by a ‘Swaeomi Camel’ the Sexiest Woman Alive Ever, 'omi' name aint, Homer Simpson!.


You were terribly torchered huh???!! but I don’t see any wounds?


Sir im psychologically scarred, for life!

As soon as she got me in her harem tent she said,

welcome to "camel lot!!" Lawrence of Alabia!!! and started spitting on me like some mad camel in heat, her saliva put me under her spell, she started tearing my shirt off, and I tore hers off, we kept tearing each others clothes off until all was torn off, there was so much tearing going on between us, it was terrible, and tortuously, torturous!! And then like 2 tigers, for 7 days and nights, i made great love to her which saved my life! Fortunately she finally ran out of spit and was too tired to get up and put out the torch fire, so she ordered me to blow and spit it out before she released me…..it was almost impossible to put out that torch fire, I never blew and spit on something so long and hard in my life, it was 'torch'erous! 


Word came from

awesome + naomi campbel= swaeomi camel