31 May 2019




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unputonable n; someone who is unable to be ‘put on’( ex ‘youre putting me on’ means youre joking, or not serious, deceiving me etc) An unputonable person is one who cant be fooled.


put on n; a deception, a hoax



Example use

Hey why didn’t you come to the shin dig last night, I told you it was packed with a lot of sexy tang!


Because I know there wasn’t any tang there, you were just ‘putting me on’!

When are you going to realize that im ‘unputonable’ bro??!!, Its imposible to put me on, even if somehow you were able to actually put a sexy, naked chick on my bed to surprise me for my bday before I got home, you still wouldn’t be able to put me on?


Oh ya, how’s that?


Because you wouldn’t have to put me on, Id put myself on her, after locking the door of course. And then hopefully, like really good books, we’d be, unputdownable, unstoppable for 2 days…..


Word came from

un + put on + able