31 May 2019



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swaeomi n(sway-omee)!

sweet swami, awesomesauce!

  Anything that’s way more than just ‘awesome’

 swaeomi can be used as a noun or adjective to describe anything on our planet that is extremely awesome, or for extremely awesome individuals who have open minds  


SWAE; Snow, Water, Air, Earth

SWAE; Smoke Weed After Exams

SWA; Something We Accomplish

  OMI; Open Minded Individuals


swami; In Sanskrit, swami means “one who knows.”



From Hebrew ???????‎ (no'omí, literally “my pleasantness)



1. diminutive of the female given name Naomi.


Urban dictionary

swa; abbreviation, ‘sweet as’ or ‘Sweet white Ass’,

SWA; Sexiest Woman Alive


A friend, buddy. Very popular word in the Netherlands.

incredibly cool, perhaps even unbelievably so 

Cool, swank, smooth. Used in combination with ginchy to mean "super cool".

used to describe when something is extremely awesomecool, or indescribable.



good lookin' lady

shes a sweet omi


a star

omi is the ending to a nickname that describes a cute, happy, and cheerful person, often a friend. 

epitomi of kiss kiss.



A absolutely stunning person, who is kind, funny, and caring. An Omi is one the most tubular people you will ever meet. They are loyal to their friends and family in all situations. They’re smart, and artistic with buckets of friends, and speaking of buckets, buckets of confidence. The name Omi means strong willed. And originates From Japan and south east Asia.






om (plural oms)

1. (Hinduism, Buddhism) A sacred, mystical syllable used in prayer and meditation.


om; on


om; such that something rotates or revolves (either of its own accord or by external influence)





Example use

dang bra, you’re my ‘swaeomie’ homie!!! Not only do you always know the answer to everything, like some awesome, magical swami! You listen to all my crazy ideas and stories, with an open mind!!.. But I really wish you were a hot chick!




Because then you could be my, ‘Swaomi Camel’ And that would be sick!


Ahhh, ya, mr swaeomi, I think you spent way too much time in camel-lot, working in the Saudi desert has fried your brain bro ….


Word came from

awesome + sweet+ swami+ omi