24 Apr 2019



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splimp v; to splurge and skimp; ability to balance splurging and skimping; to make your money stretch as far as possible without sacrificing, ‘quality’.

splurge; to spend freely

skimp; to economize, spend less



Example use

The Splimptons

friend; 'So why did your 3 lovely daughters decide to stay with you instead of your ex wife after the divorse?

Tomer Splimpton;Probably because not only my daughters and i have more fun together and the Dog loves me more too, but most important is that i know how to 'splimp', i lead a splimple life, unfortunately their mother's only urge is to 'splurge'.

In fact, before the divorce, at one point, it got so bad that when someone stole our credit card, i decided not to cancel the card because i realized, the crook who stole it, was using it less than my wife!



Word came from

splurge + skimp