16 Apr 2019




Related image“Judge dat butti!”


Buttigieg; ‘booty gig’

Aka pronounced as, ‘Butti-judge’; far left, liberal ploy to win the presidency by using subliminal, interchangable, ‘name’ tactics

 Butti = tang/money= large younger crowds

 gieg  = gig/keg= party, women, beer, striptease 'judge'


Buttigieg fundraiser; 90% show up because they are actually expecting a lap dance or a booty party, ‘gig’, of some kind, 10% are just the usual Lobbits(left over, ‘Lesbi-Hillary-hobbits’)


Dems are certainly pulling out all stops to get higher number of younger people and people of color as theyve chosen a candidate mostly because of the way his name sounds. 

 ‘Buttigieg’, (booty-gig)  a name used as a subliminal way of getting a larger number of younger people to head to the polls just as the name 'Beto' was given to an Irish, white skinned Oroark, in order to attract more hispanics


They’ve all given thousands of dollars to South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Hitting Home Political Action Committee, but it doesn’t mean they see him as a presidential candidate in 2020. In fact, some will plainly say he’s not ready for that stage yet.






While they've never met, De los Reyes said he also felt a personal connection to Buttigieg because both are Harvard University graduates, and both are gay, having benefited from marriage equality. De los Reyes said he has been married to his husband for five years. Buttigieg married his partner, Chasten Glezman, in June.

Other $5,000 contributors have included Henry van Ameringen, a New York fragrance company heir and openly gay philanthropist who is a top contributor to gay rights, marijuana legalization and mental health causes. According to influencewatch.org, van Ameringen is part of a group of wealthy donors known as “the Cabinet,” who in the mid-2000s began targeting socially conservative politicians nationwide and pledged to support candidates who were friendly to gay rights.

Example use

Hey look on the TV!! It says, there’s a Buttigieg, Fundraiser!! 


Ya I see that, ok, Im in, lets go!!!! But this better be good, im missing out on a Trump event, and those gigs are always jammed with hot booty

Word came from

Pete Buttigieg


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Ass soon as you judge my butti butt shakin, my gig will be up…