03 Apr 2019

Rosbonin Scruoe


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Rosbonin Scruoe; a ‘sactaway’, foreigner in paradise, not alone, usually surrounded and adored by many beautiful native women at his disposal (opposite of a, ‘solitary’, ‘crusoe’, ‘castaway’, case)

The rather popular, ‘Rosbonin Scruoe’, a 'sactaway', spends most of the time, ‘in the sack’ while away from home, in another country

Rosbonin Scruoe, a white man (aka, bule’; ‘blond white buffalo’) expat who leaves his own country, screws off to an OE, ‘island’, or foreign country, in order to live like a, King and to be treated like a 'ROS', ‘Rock Star’, rather than being treated like just a, ‘rock’ at home


Rosbonin Scruoe; to grope about, ‘feeling’, rather than 'seeing' your way through a day

Rosbonin Scruoe v; to go out because of the desire to be social, especially surrounded by a crowd of beautiful women



sactaway; one who spends most of the time in the sack, while away from their homeland

on a sweet ‘desserted’ island


desserted island; an exotic place plentiful of sweet things


ROS; Rock Star


bonin; short for ‘boning’; doing well, doing good, feeling good


scru; screw, screw off, bugger off

time when the universe or infinite intelligence tells you, ‘its time to scru off’ to some foreign, ‘desserted’ island, full of, coconut sweet tang who will treat you like a ‘Rosbonin Scruoe Rockstar, doing rather well






boni (present bonaspast bonisfuture bonosconditional bonusvolitive bonu)

1.                    (intransitiveto be good

Example use

Rosbonin Scruoe is like a,

"Bonin Flying Fox", a bat that feels its way throughout a day, and

during mating, the Bonin Flying Foxy foxes screech loudly, and the males will lick the female's vulva



"How come that Rosbonin Scruoe guy can keep all those beautiful foxes to himself, he rocks?!"

Because Rosbonin Scruoe is not only a 'laster micker', he doesnt give a flying fox!!!..........

Word came from

Robinson Crusoe

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by truble