22 Mar 2019



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crewbee adj; ‘crazy groovie’, to be in such a ‘fine state’ in your life; when things are going so great, your only concern is deciding, who your new, ‘crew will be’

your, ‘crew’, as in ‘boat crew’, your personal newbie crewbee, honey bee, boat team assisting you, as you sail around exotic indo islands




Example use

How's it going??


Crewwwwwbeee!!!! The only concern I have is who my new, 'crew be'


Have you decided?


Well, I do know itill be the usual sexy tanchicks, ms ping and pong orchestrating the crewbee interviews and bongs, as they choose their favorite little clean up crewbee helpers, with thongs.

But crewbee assured, they will all be of age

They will all be, ‘Naughty Adults, acting like Kids’…..

They shall be called, ‘NA-KIDS>’ Naughty Adults acting like Kids…… the new rage !



Word came from

crew + be + busy little bees

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