21 Mar 2019

throatein pairathy


throatein pairathy n; when a pair, or  'a couple' share each other’s love juices, they hover, float and tolerate 

throatein pairathy is much healthier than both a protein shake and proton cancer therapy put together, as a high amount of, oxytocin love hormones are also generated between the pair of lovers


throatein; fructose sugar, water, ascorbic acid, citric acid, enzymes, protein, zinc and more = nutrients found in the human semen; sexual protein; aka giving one a ‘deep throatein shake’

 pairathy; therapy involving the combination of 2 people loving each other



from Proto-Indo-European; (to swell, become stiff”).


thro (comparative more throsuperlative most thro)

1.                   (obsoleteEagerearnestvehement.

2.                   (obsoleteBold.




to hover, float, tolerate



1.                   to give birth


Example use

You mean you havent been to the doctor in 30 years!!??


Yep, as soon as i started 'living', in indonesia, it was all organic thraotein pairathy, a smokin life with tanchicks and B-17.

Before starting the throatein pairathy, I would ask the "tanchicks"...


'Im sorry but would you happen to "B-17" years of age, at least??


Im 21!


My underwear is 21


heehee, youre funny mister





Word came from

protein and proton therapy + sex

Semen is as Healthy as a Protein Shake. ... Human male ejaculate really does have all the same nutrients of one of those expensive protein shakes. Fructose sugar, water, ascorbic acid, citric acid, enzymes,protein, zinc and more, it's all there.

by artigs