17 Mar 2019



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trepene v; trippin with terpenes



trepene v; trippin with terpenes while trepen




trepar (first-person singular present trepopast participle trepat)

1.                 to drill


Galician spanish

trepen,  trepar

to trample, to tread

1.                   to climb

2.                   to mount


trep; what turns the mind

psychotropic (adj.)

1956, from psycho- + Greek -tropos "turning," from trepein "to turn" (from PIE root *trep- "to turn"). Hence, what "turns" the mind.




Example use

hey u be trippin!?

No, I be trepene, trippin from terpenes, you da one be trippin!...... turpentine


Word came from

terpene + trippin

by truble