15 Mar 2019

roll-over betovent


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rollover Beto-vent n; just another, 'flash in the hands', ‘crazy hand movement’; self defeating, out of control gesturing that distracts a speaker’s message


rollover-betovent v; The act of spewing, or venting out nonsense, trying way too hard, 'talking-hard', via willdly waiving arms, hands and fingers around while speaking, similar to a philharmonic conducter


roll-over beto-venting n; continuous geticulation of the arms and hands while speaking; extremely distracting and annoying bodily gestures


Rollover Beto-ventor n; an angry democrat/socialist who prefers venting over inventing




Example use

So what do you think of Beto??



I don’t know I was too distracted by all his, roll-over betoventing…I really wanted to give him a fly swatter!!


Word came from

Roll over Beethoven + Bozo Beto

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by artigs