09 Mar 2019



saevor(sayeee-vur); something enjoyed, such as extremely delicious food or cuisine, that’s eaten slowly, ‘savoured’, in order to ‘save’ for later; to leave a restaurant before finishing a meal in order enjoy it later


saevor; to eat delicious left overs from a restaurant which saves from having to buy another meal



sae; snail(as in slow as snails)

sae; teacher, master, expert


old Irish



1.    (late Old IrishAlternative form of sóer (“;;;;;;;;free”)




saír (first-person singular present saiofirst-person singular preterite saínpast participle saído)

1.                  to exitleave




Example use

honey,, whats with all the nibbling and sweetness?


(whispers..)Im ‘saevoring’ you for later!


Later at home


Why honey! you just sprinkled salt on me!??


Ya, im going to assalt you now…… sexually……the way you like it!!


Nice, but what about the sweet cream?


Hold on there Tiger!! We got days until dessert!!  Saevor!!!!!!!


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