09 Mar 2019



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flagent n; double dipping, flipping agent, aka, ‘dual agent’


Flagents are flipping realestate agents more concerned about their income than what’s best for the client; sneaky, deceiving agents motivated to make money by undervaluing your property and convincing you to sell cheap as opposed to, clever partner agents who will help you get a proper valuation and fair market price

flagents don’t negotiate the best price for you, they mediate messages between the 2 parties


These flagents are in a way, similar to attorneys trying to represent both the plantif and defendant in a lawsuit


There’s a good reason 9 out of 10 consumers ultimately pass up a flagent’s offer

There’s no use for flagents, unless youre dumb and desperate because the only way they make money is by low balling you to death




Example use

Did you settle for that offer??

Are you kidding? I told the flagent, 'i may have been born on a tuesday but it wasnt last tuesday!'

Word came from

flipping + agent

by truble