01 Mar 2019







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odiass! Literally; “I hate to say goodbye to all the ass!!”

'I hate to say adios to someone I want to spend more time with'

odiass is used when someone says goodbye but you really hate to go

odiass; sit your ass down, were not finished  


odiass; greeting to all the ASS


Sranan Tongo

odi; greetings


odi; I hate, I detest, I am displeased by

odiass;I hate to say odios to, All the Sexy Senioritas”


ASS; All the Sexy Senioritas

ASS; All the Sexy Singles


odiass; to have to leave an exciting place, full of sexy girls, just when one is starting to have fun  

Old High German

odi; empty, desolate, void




Example use

guy at bar; Odiass here is just amazing!!


Sexy girls at bar; Adios fellas!!


guy at bar; No no to adios!!

Odiass!!! Odiass!!! I hate to say adios to all the ass!!!


Sexy girls at bar; ok then... 'odiass!! mister! sit your ass down and have another one, if you leave, you leave us empty and desolate with our vortex void!!


In that case, hold that taxi!! Odiass!!!!



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