26 Feb 2019



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fugenarhot n; literally, congratulations!! You’re officially hot!!

You are 'fugenarhot' simply because you understand and believe in the concept of ‘fear not’(see near fought)

 One who has attained a certain ‘enlightenment’ of spiritual intelligence which makes one very hot or cool


fugen; to join, add, submit, comply


arhat; in Buddism; one who has attained enlightenment


1. (Jainism) one of the stages of the ascetic's spiritual evolution, when all passions (anger, ego, deception, greed, attachment, hatred and ignorance) are destroyed; arhanta


Example use


Do you believe Infinite Intelligence is always near with everything you fought, so you, completely trust in the concept of ‘fear not’ 24/7, 365 days a year, or until you wake up in heaven?


I actually do!!


Then fugenarhot!!


But what would you say if someone doesnt believe, even though they know the phrase 'fear not' is written throughout the bible 365 times and 1 extra for the leap year ?


Id say, freakinairhead!!!


Word came from

Near Fought = fear not = fugen + arhat = fugenarhot

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