24 Feb 2019



molypoon or ‘molypoon factor’; a poonopoly; An American monopoly of the poon, a hyper inflated value of the poon

In otherwords, women have become monopoly capitalist of the vagina and this growing confidence has made them even more rude and pretentious, especially in uber hypergamy cities like dallas where youll see self esteem blowing out their ears and rears.  


In fact, the molypoon factor is a hypergamous, “female-nomena”, a phenomena so powerful it makes the unattractive, overweight, american women, who are normally like a,  2 out of 10(on a good day), so confident, they act and walk around as if they are perfect 10s, and then the guys fall all over it buying gifts, and treating them like a bo derek 10.  

The molypoon factor is part of a movement that tries to get more and more out of men, for less and less in return.


And what makes the molypoon factor thrive is the fact that the guys are falling for it like ‘shallow hal’, but more like, ‘hollow shalls”; the hollow headed, weak guys who think they have no choice, end up settling for the unattractive, shallow gals


No wonder many American guys are forced to bang  mom’s warm apple pie……  

“80% of the girls have sex with 20% of the guys.

the women here are very shallow, and use their rights to penalize, rather than include, the majority of “average” men who don’t make the cut in terms of their looks. Susan Walsh, the author of “Hooking Up Smart,” reports that on US college campuses, 80% of the girls have sex with 20% of the guys.



poon; lord, master

Example use





An example of the molypoon factor

An 85 year old lady named, "Beverly", abrupty walks into a young man’s bedroom as he watches tv, puts her hand on his leg and says


Beverly: “Excuse me, Im sorry to disturb, but your mom said it would be ok?”


Son: “Oh, ahhhh.. ok for what??”


Beverly: “would you please make love to me?


Son; “Ahh, ok, what's your name again, Beverly? Ahh, ok, I was watching a movie, but since mom said it would be ok, why don’t you just hop right on up here, I got some popcorn and its buttered which might come in handy, Bev”

Beverly: Good

Son; By the way, do you know what your name, 'Beverly' means?

Beverly: No

Son; 'Beverly' means 'beaver'!! haa,haa!???.... You do know what a beaver is right??

Beverly: a small fury animal?



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