23 Feb 2019

kolm truise


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kolm truise (mantra);

keep calm, count to 3, stay true in love, is equanimity

keep calm, by way of ohm (breath deeply=equanimity)

stay true, by way of you and your beliefs

Say, "Kolm Truise" to stay away from the booze or to take a pause for the cause instead acting out of impulse, fear, and anger 

Stay, 'Kolm Truise' in order to think rationally 


1. "Notice when you’re about to lash out from anger and fear. Instead of acting on that impulse, pause. Breathe. Take a timeout. Consider your actions before acting out"

truth is everything if you believe its true

true love is, kolm truise

kolm truise; extremely adept with the hands, especially as a talented, Tom Cruise esq bartender




kolme’; beautiful


kolmë m (feminine e kolme)

having a good figure, winsome

 winsome (comparative winsomersuperlative winsomest)

1.        Charmingengagingwinninginspiring approval and trust, especially if in an innocent manner

2. pleasantly plump







Example use

You know why a kolm truise is such a knock out love maker?




Because he

believes that love is the only real truth, and that everything else is just an illusion

That’s why..

 KOLM (Knock-Out, Love-Maker)TRUISE(Truly Is Extraordinary)


Word came from

Tom Cruise + calm + ohm

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by artigs