23 Feb 2019




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shmink v; an ‘under-cover’ word for ‘copulate’ used by enforcers of the law

shmink; literally, 'she and he making, kissonyms, knismolagnia, and Kama sutra (filling a vortex; procreating)


kissonyms; Synonyms and slangonyms pertaining to kissing.

knismolagnia; (rare) sexual arousal caused by being tickled

Kamasutra; amorous acrobats of erotic love written by Hindu Sage Vatayayana 3rd and 5th centuries AD

 shmink; smooch in the ‘kar’

The suffix Kar comes from the Sanskrit K?r, which means "making, doing, lord of"

kar; car, automobile




1.                   tubbathtub


kar; penis


Example use

Hey officer ‘Phil’

What happened to that sminky chick last night?? Everyone wanted to shmink her, and so did I!


Well, She ended up getting her, sminky ‘Phil’ alright..


You mean… you!!??... You dirty sminky copper!! You already shminked her Phil!!??


 I am a sminky, phil occifer, not a sleezy sphincter, it was my civic duty to enforce the law of attraction, so, yes!!, I shminked her!! Why do you think they call it copulate??..

cops have to eat too.


Word came from

she and he making, kissonyms, knismolagnia, and Kama sutra

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