08 Feb 2019



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cutorney(cu-tor-ney) n;

a cutorney is when you meet someone so, ‘cute’, she leaves you, ‘torney’; you’re torn to leave her, and when you get home, all you can do is tute your own horn cause she left you so dang, horney !!!!



torney; height, high


tor; bull, towering warrior

torn; like a torn heart

ney; A type of endblown flute. 

horney; blow off steam, blow your own ‘ney’ horn


This new word, cutorney is dedicated to, ‘Courtney’ bartender at Papadeuxs Duncanville Texas






Example use

ney day ney day!

Theyll be another cutorney day!! Im calling off today...

We can call it, ‘happy cutorney day’!!!

Word came from

Courtney(name, meaning 'short')

by artigs