31 Jan 2019

belestial seeing


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belestial seeing n(a polite phrase); a blessing to have met such a beautiful, celestial being


belestial seeing n; to see a miracle that makes everything all right and beautiful again

belestial seeing v; a beautiful, angelic, encounter



belestial seeing n; an encounter with an angel aura;  a reincarnated, enlightened human

belestial seeing; to meet someone who is vibrationally close to you


bele; beautiful woman well-dressed; reigning beauty," 1620s, from French belle , from Old French bele , from Latin bella , fem. of bellus "beautiful, fair" (see bene-).




1.                  in/into him/her/it



Isthmus Zapotec



1.                  flame


Isthmus Zapotec, also known as Juchitán Zapotec, is a Zapotecan language spoken in Tehuantepec and Juchitán de Zaragoza, in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Guevea de Humboldt Zapotec, a different language, is sometimes referred to as "Northern Isthmus Zapotec." Wikipedia


The phrase,"belestial seeing" is dedicated to "Celeste", a Bartender at Hooters, Dallas Texas(the biggest hooters in the world)

Example use

Dude!!! i just had a 'belestial seeing'

whats that!!??

A modern day miracle performed by a celestial being

Word came from

celestial being

Image result for beautiful celestially moving images

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