25 Jan 2019



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stagaraw n;

extremely voluptuous female, especially one who suddenly walks by, stopping onlooker conversations

A stagaraw is known to bring out the ‘raw’ animal, nature in any ‘stag’(guy)

To hear someone say “stagaraw” is definitely a compliment to any lady and is much cooler than saying the usual, boring, “hey good lookin! etc….



Stagaraw was created By John R Bluitt

automobile service specialist at Freedom Dodge, Duncanville Texas






Example use

Jay; So Jim, what i suggest u do next time, is u can just,… ahh


(Suddenly, a ‘stagaraw’ walks right between Jay and Jim)


Jim; Stagaraw!!

Jay; Stagaraw!!


The stagaraw girl stops and says, “excuse me boys, but what does, ‘stagaraw’ mean?”


Jim; Pardon, but, you’re so fine you stopped our conversation and you just bring out the raw in a stag!



Word came from

Originally created by John R Bluitt, blending, 'stag' + 'raw'

by artigs