27 Dec 2018

ghutto ghutto


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goo-toh’); litterally,

"your, 'ghetto' is in the, 'gutter', putto!’

putto; Latin for chubby, white little, naked child, usually winged

ghutto n(can be pronounced like, ‘gut’, ‘gut-oh’ or like, ‘putto’, ‘goo’-toh’); derogatory, when the ‘ghetto’ is, ‘in the gutter’


‘ghutto’ is much worse than anything, negative about the word, ‘ghetto’; when, a person ‘ghetto’ crosses the line and upsets other peoples’ guts because their ‘ghetto’ is in the ‘gutter’, or the person described as, ‘ghetto’, is stuck in a rut, and so acts like an ignoramus, mad, putto, mut,  

ghutto n; one who may look and sound, ‘ghetto’ but acts like a foul, mouth, ‘ghetto- gutter’, ‘ghutto’ fool, who ‘aint cool’; a pathetic little, ghetto, putto boy or girl with no common sense, no rhythm, no ryhm nor righteous soul, its as if they were suddenly sucked way down into some kinda, shallow, ‘ghut’, stinking, rabbit hole  


GHUTTO; Go Home U, Totally Toked-out, Ovary

GHUTTO; God Help U, Too Toked-out, Ovaries

GHUTTO; God Help Us, Too-many, Totally Toked-out, Ovaries






ghut; pit, shallow hole


ghut; From Chinese






1.    Used with a stem to form the past participle of regular -ere verbs.

2.    Used to form adjectives from nouns, in the sense of having the object represented by the noun-ed

punta (“point, tip”) + ‎-uto → ‎puntuto (“pointy, sharp”)

barba (“beard”) + ‎-uto → ‎barbuto (“bearded”)

naso (“nose”) + ‎-uto → ‎nasuto (“big nosed”)

occhiali (“glasses”) + ‎-uto → ‎occhialuto (“spectacled”)

pancia (“belly”) + ‎-uto → ‎panciuto (“(pot)bellied”)




uto; hitter, beater


putto (Italian: [?putto]; plural putti [?putti])[1] is a figure in a work of art depicted as a chubby male child, usually naked and sometimes winged.






puto m (plural putos)

1.    (colloquial, derogatory, Portugal) small kid

Havia lá um puto a fazer o que não devia.

There was a kid doing things he shouldn't.

2.    (vulgar, Brazil) a jerk; an unlikableobnoxious person

Synonym: quengo

Aquele cara ali é um puto.

That dude over there isn't worth anything.

3.    (vulgar, Rio Grande do Sul) a fag; a gayhomosexual

4.    (vulgar, Portugal, Brazil) a small quantity of money




inner) city life 

at least with ghetto dwellers and non dwellers, there’s respect, which is what ‘ghutto’ lacks




Example use

Bro dat ghetto’s gone crazy, kujo, ‘ghuttos!!’

 Youre right, her ghetto’s definitely in the gutter, gone loco putto, mucho, ghutto ghutto, !!


just another love…… TTO!!!

Word came from

Ghetto + gutter+ Putto

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