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.. "For man doesn’t live on bed alone”..

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bootyruntome n(booty-run-to-me, buti-run2me); like the repetition, in Deuteronomy, without the vermouth, a kind of, reiteration, instant replay, of a more, contemporary, "logical" truth (seen from a variety of different perspectives) practically irrefutable because of the, 'experience', as full proof.

And this, along with praying daily, taking care of mom and self, will get the ‘buti’('riches', not just the booty 'witches') to come to you

Note: bootyruntome, is not to be confused with blatent, lascivious, deviation,'dueherontome' "booty calls", 'of one night stands


A "miss-translation"

another way to ask someone if they are interested in you in one word>bootyruntome= (booty-r-u-n-to-me?)

Not a booty call but a "buti" run, where the booty(treasure.goodness) calls(comes to) you..


"If I do my best at taking care of me, and my, bu (mom) i will fare thee well, Ill not only be blessed with an abundance of food, water, and shelter, along with the finest kind of magical, ‘ti’, it'll also get the ‘booty’ to run to me, as well, and all the happiness I caused from it will overwhelm any indescretions, which will also keep me from going to hell"



booty; treasure of all kinds, not just material, or superficial babes 





buti; to be, to exist, to become



buti; goodness, kindness

 ti (plural tis)

  1. The good luck plantCordyline fruticosa, an evergreen shrub.




frolic or play



Example use

"If you take care of yourself and your bu, and you know how to play, the buti will come to you day by day....

...you take care of the bu today, u b getting the sugar cane buti bushel to run to you tomorrow, and then youll get your play”


“Oh butiruntome…

buti, or not tubi, that is the question..

Yo, bro I don’t know whats come over you but I know what’’s come over me, you just gotta be honest with u and the bu, and that’s called, “bootyruntome” that’s the direction..


“buti r u n to me??, becz U B it(for me), U already know, Im into U, But what I want to know is

R U N to me?

Well, Im in, ‘your’ room, aint I?

Fair enough!!!  ….

bootyruntome!! bootyruntome!! She came to me!! oh Lord thank you, and thanks for Deuteronomy, I finally understand how to get the booty to run to me!!!


Word came from

deuteronomy + booty + buty + run to me

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Deuteronomy. ... A mistranslation of Hebrew mishneh hattorah hazzoth "a copy of this law" [Deut. xvii:18]. The book is a repetition, with comments, of the Decalogue and most of the laws of Exodus. The title was translated literally into Old English as æfteræ , literally "after-law."

Basically, Don’t forget the Lord!