13 Dec 2018

croisy nap


croisy nap n; any ‘noisy-crap’, especially the last few years of most, nasty, nappy, uninspiring, rap



“Listening to ‘croisy nap’ makes most people want to be put to sleep, slip into a croisy nightmare slumber, finding oneself rolling around in a dirty French, croisy barn house mound of hay, slapped around by a rather large and naked country bumpkin number, the great, toothless grandma, Miss Ellie May, complete with a beverly, just south of the hills..”  


croisy; noisy crap



A farming area in the middle of France comprising a village and several hamlets



crois; affliction, pohibit


Example use

“So, ahhh are you staying to hear more of this croisy nap or what?”


“Yo, id rather tip toe through a bushy garden, collecting bitter Chinese turnips, then lace them with zanex, before shoving them up my butt, just so I can take a nice long nap in bed, which is the only way to clear out all of that croisy souless rap that  banged my ears these past few years, I was raped because the rap screwed my head, scarred me for life which is why instead of taking drugs like chantix, I just go to indo, and then Id be like, “Hi, Im, Getinglayd Riotta, and I started having a ‘smokin life’, with ‘tanchix’, 100% natural…… no croisy nap to be found, to be completely, Mallaca straight with you, I was a grog drinking, pirate hound, in a dreamy daze, but able to do things over and over again to get it just right, call it a sorta, ‘booty-run-to-me’, hound grog daze, phase….whatever it is,  it is what it is, spending 20 years of my life behind bars, as in, oversheas in clubs, chasing, the girly, learning many new things for sure. but the best thing of all, is that now, I finally know why pubic hair is curly!!

All I can say is i didn’t learn it from doin mom’s American pie or from watchin shavern and lirley!     


Wow, apparently your mom’s brownies from the 70’s are still kicking in huh ??…


Word came from

noisy crap

by truble