04 Dec 2018




ruef dat! v(roof-dat)


‘put the ‘rude and fat, up on the ruef(roof)!..

In other words,

‘don’t let anyones’ negative ‘rue’, get ‘into’ your head,

Just ruef dat stuff out, put it up on the roof, and let Infinite Intelligence handle it instead



ruefdat adj;rude/fat’ (usually one who is being paid to service you, such as a ruefdat waiter, or teacher etc) but doesnt smile and comes across extremely rude, so like someones hot, toxic, asphalt-shingles, you just put dat crud up on the ruef (roof)  


Just by saying, ‘ruef-dat!’ can keep one from responding too hastily with unpleasant words or negative thoughts that are hard to take back, ‘ruining’ a high vibrating day just like DAT!!…


Feel for one who is in a painful rue, just don’t let the rue get to you, don’t let the ‘rue’ ‘in’ …….


Obviously, a 'ruefdat', person is full of some sort of personal, agonizing, rue, a kind of roughened leather, edgy, chagrin of boo-hoo, gu'rue' of turmoil, pain and regret, but we have no idea..


So by ‘feeling’ compassion for their ‘rue’(ruefing it) whatever it may be, instead of getting angry, taking the ‘rue in’,

you take deep breaths, for about 20 seconds, say a quick prayer for that person, and then just like, DAT, you’re a, 

Dopamean Transporter Machine, with total trust in the Universe (God)as your, ‘fear not’ secret, its a weapon that’s always been near 24/7, each and every day of the year, until you wake up in heaven, so without the fear, you can think more clear. It also begs the question, ‘do you think that’s why God wrote ‘fear not’ throuought the Bible 365 times? (actually 366 times, adding one for leap year) to show we are really covered, hes got our backs, so have no fear?.. really!!         


This not only prevents a day from being ruined, the positive highbration youve’ve emited will warm and inspire that rueful heart enough to pay a bit of it forward for many other broken spirits to do their part, and so on..

So the, road of higher vibration, in compassion, you cleverly chose to duly employ, overall will help turn a topsy-turvy evil world back around to its original spiritual place;

pure light, love and joy, humanity’s key to ascention, up up and way into a higher, more beautiful, dimention…        


ruef; ‘feel’ for the ‘rue’

   rue (uncountable)

1.    (archaic or dialectal) Sorrow; repentance; regret.

2.    (archaic or dialectal) Pity; compassion.





1.    (cardinal) twenty




1.    peace, calm



1.    (slang, dialectal, nonstandard, African American Vernacular) that


true dat

1.    (slang) An emphatic statement of agreement or affirmation.


DAT; Defence Against Turmoil

DAT; Durable Attractive Trustworthy


Example use


Mom; that fat waiter is so rude!!




Son; I know Mom, no need to point out the obvious, just say, 'ruef-dat', put it on the ruef, dont let that rue in!!!


Mom; oh! Like, "the ruef! the ruef! the ruef is on fire, we dont need no water, let the rude and fat waitress burn, and then put her in a urn, so that she'll learn?? 




No mom, no burning, just 'ruef dat!', put it on the roof, and its done!!


Word came from

rude + fat

by artigs