22 Oct 2018



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Trex n; ‘Trumpranasaurus hex’ or ‘trumpetrexed’(wiped out and exposed like a bad disease)


A Trex is not only a powerful ‘shield’ used against any witch, ‘hex’, it’s 3(tre)x more powerful than all the witches and their hexes combined at the same time.



Each time a hex is thrown at someone righteous, the negative energy of the hex is then, Trexed, not only melting it to smitherines but making the victim 3 times more powerful/popular.


 A Trex is impervious to any witches’ hex because Devine Providence always overpowers anything else





We’ve already seen how all the witches of the world after unleashing their most lethal, prolonged, so called, ‘hexes’ to bind Trump for over 2 years has only made Trump stronger.



"Hey what do you think about the witches trying to hex Kavanaugh now!!


From the movie ,“ Bitches of WestDicks”!!


You mean Witches of Eastwick??! 


 No, "Bitches of WestDicks"!! where all the, Liberal Lobbit racepist, witches and dicks of the world tried their best to hex and bind, but instead were trexed, melted to smitherines, after bending over, kissing their own behinds?


Ya!! that was a great one!!


























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Trump tre(3) + hex = Trex

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