07 Oct 2018





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Lobbits n;

leftist agitators,” "lesbi-hobbits”; .Left overs, a fusion of Hillary and Bernie, hobbit and lesbian lobbyist merged as one where their bit, is to bite, and their, Line Of Business is to pick a fight, Leaving a Legacy Of Bluetality('Blue Wave', casualties from the Liberals Own Brutality)

Lobbits are also known as,


"The last of the, Ho-'me too'-Cans' 


Top Liberal Lobbying Clients, 2018 ...




LOB; a country bumpkin, clown

LOB; Liberal Opp Business

LOB; Load Of Bullocks

LOB; Limited Operating Base

LOB; Low Order Bites

LOB; Left Out Bored

LOB Legacy Of Brutality(Bluetality)



“fat lesbians and ugly frumpy college hobbit women with problem glasses that would likely yell at you for taking up too much space on a train”.


“The right attracts people who are generally happy with themselves and want the world to quit holding them back. The left attracts people who are terribly unhappy with themselves and want the government to fix it”.


“progressives are usually, unkept, feminists (the ugly ones), overweight, and overall just disgusting looking individuals”



Example use

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Hey, What ever you do, dont tell a Lobbit to have a "Trumpmendus" day.... they will trumplode on you and then they’ll fake news accuse you of discrimination, telling everybody you hate gays..etc !!!

So Just say, “I hate to be “pretrumptuous”, but in this day and age’ lobbits don’t ever seem to be able to have a nice day,..... so drive each other safely, lay in your stains, and have a nice gay, dont worry everting gon be ait! But i gotta go now, cause i hear you Lobbits bite!!



Word came from

hobbits and lesbians

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"Where we going?

"To do our bit which is to fight and bite anything Right, so us Lobbits can leave a Legacy Of Bluetality!



by artigs