07 Oct 2018




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flaim n; an old flame whose clacky aim is to defame and maim using a story about some guy a long time ago left her in the dumps without a hump but the real reason is that she’ll do or say anything in order to stop the conservative, president Donald J Trump

 flaim; freaking lame

laim; a lame, ugly lie






1.                black


2.                (figuratively) poor, miserable, unfortunate


3.                (figuratively) wicked, bad


Maroon Spirit Language

lai; lie


Old French

Lai; ugly

clack; “to make a noise, clap, twitter














Example use


So what do you think of the Nutty Profusser??

If i was David Bowie Id write a song called,  flaim!!!! Frickin lame....


Word came from

flakey claim

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by artigs