07 Oct 2018

Avenattirny Outlaw


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Avenattirny Outlaw n; low-life, 3rd rate, porn star attorney that takes a disgraceful debacle to the lowest level


A deep-state, rooted, ‘low life’, pot hole, swallow whole, ‘attorney’, among the lowest kind of stink hole lawyers money/democrats can buy,the type of  “ligal”, (liberal legal) representation scumbags aquire when all else fails and the low-life try to claw their way out of an, avenatti, rock bottom, sinkhole, like rats in a pit   







1.    (geology, caving) pit cave, pit (natural cave with predominantly vertical shafts)


Synonyms: gouffre,

(geology) sinkhole (US), swallow hole (UK)


Example use

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Word came from

Avenatty + Attorney at Law + outlaw

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