05 Oct 2018

Truming out



truming out; like ‘coming out’, but as in, coming out of a dark troma(trump hating coma) finally seeing the lustrum, ‘light’ from being pulled out by a powerful magnate of reason, a wake up call, and retreat out of a ‘troma-tratering-trek of treason, against the one you now want to openly support;  the winning side, ie “Trump”, which is reputed to be a much worse transition than ‘coming out’ as a homosexual, the backlash from democrap Trump haters(traters) is even more brutal




lustrum (s) (noun); lustrums, lustra (pl)


1. The historical ceremony of purification or ritual cleansing of the Roman population typically done every five years following a census: The description of the lustrum was accurately recorded in the ancient texts that were discovered in the ruined temple.
2. Etymology: from Latin, "purification"; probably ultimately from an Indo-European word meaning "light, bright".


Example use

Not available

Word came from

coming out(from a Troma, Trump coma)

by artigs