05 Oct 2018



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Drut n; a Democrat rut; a party of shafted victims, wired to the wire, about to expire


drut v; a democrate’s shaft; any attempt to thrwart the opposition from power, even if it means treating people cruelly and unfairly









drut; shaft, penis


drut; a wire


shaft (third-person singular simple present shafts, present participle shafting, simple past and past participle shafted)


1.    (transitive, slang) To ‘f- over’; to cause harm to, especially through deceit or treachery.



A deadline or critical endpoint.

A pickpocket who targets women.

Any of the system of wires used to operate the puppets in a puppet show



rut; rote (present tense roter, past tense rota or rotet, past participle rota or rotet)


1.    to untidy, to make a mess


2.    (slang) to fool around (engage in casual or flirtatious sexual act




Example use

dang! id be so embeerassed to be a democrat right now

Ya Dems are definitely in a 'Drut' is what


Word came from

Democrat Rut

by artigs