01 Oct 2018

oma wohlfahrti


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oma wohlfahrti; An, Amor fati, uber prosperous, jagoan(champion); Master of Art and Truth "prosperity over politics"

When ‘oma farti’, the love of how you feel and fare, Opening Minds with Arti, is done consistently with heart, cherishing, and endeavoring yourself to get off your ‘but’s’, determined to do something that takes guts, extremely well (Old High German, wola, wohl) with speed and flare, comes to a full circle, into fruition, creating an extremely prosperous, high vibrational, ‘weal’ of fortune for yourself and many others, making it the ride of your life, the most fantastic journey one could ever have, a kind of amor fati jagoan, best fit to handle the worst of life’s strife, while never negleting to take great care of loved ones, especially the mother, and that kind of person makes the best most preferred kind of friend, partner, husband, wife or lover

Donald Trump, Mark Cuban and Tiger Woods are examples of oma wohlfahrti jagoans, but to be oma wohlfahrti doesn’t mean you must be a billion aire, it could be on a much smaller scale of weal as long as the person does something that inspires many and they continue to Amor fati, with or without the fattie,






1.(obsolete) Wealth, riches. [10th-19th c.]

2.(now literary) Welfare, prosperity. [from 10th c.]

3.Specifically, the general happiness of a community, country etc. (often with qualifying word). [from 15th c.]



wohlfahrt; prosperity

wohlfahrti; extremely prosperous, well ridden, journey



Fahrt f (genitive Fahrt, plural Fahrten)

1.                ride

2.                journey




Note to grandma

Lieve OMA, ‘dear grandma’, you know I luv you but your gas is so extremely gross and lethal, I know you cant smell it but thats because your gas is so strong you knock yourself out, so I had to leave, oma farti, before your gas got me, don’t worry ill collect the mushrooms for you but will have to fed ex them….dont take too many this time and don’t go to Disneyland or six flags wearing a catholic nuns habit so you don’t have to wait in line, theyre catching on to your trick. You can go to the horse races but leave the horses alone, don’t try to ride  or milk them, just sit and watch them race if thats possible. And don’t get naked, its not the 70’s anymore…..  Love your grandson




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amor fati

by artigs