01 Oct 2018

oma farti


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oma farti; to love your fate(amor fati) but if something stinks, take initiative, either get rid of it, or get out of it


If something stinks or doest feel right and you find yourself, ‘far’ from the ‘ti’ (the good luck plant,water, or far from the ‘t’as in the game of life) you must take initiative and run away from the place that causes you problems, get back in your game, for example if you find yourself far from home, stuck in the middle of a dry barren desert, unless youre a camel, you must ‘oma farti’ out of there, either find an oasis real quick or find a way out of the desert, unless you want  to die(you can still ‘love the fate’ of it, the experience of being stuck without water in the desert, but use your inititive to oma farti out of there first so you can live to tell about your adventure, outside of a hurst, don’t just lay down and quit, saying ‘oh well, amor fati, I guess that’s it  










1. To run, race, flee, escape, move quickly, run away






1. to die








farti (present fartas, past fartis, future fartos, conditional fartus, volitive fartu)


1. to fare


2. to feel







2 oma farti also means to love how you ‘feel and fare’ with fine ‘art’ so that we shall not die of reality





Etymology oma (“own, self”) +‎ aloite (“initiative”) +‎ -inen (“-ed”)


oma-aloitteinen (

1. spontaneous (done by one's own free choice)

2. unprompted (without prompting, out of one's own initiative)

3. self-imposed (voluntarily imposed upon oneself)


OMA; One Man/woman Army

OMA; On My Ass (its my responsibility, its my ass, its my life) so be ready to move, take oma action etc



OMA ;‘Opening Minds through Arts’,


 in order to feel and fare well with the fine arts




Example use

that’s it, oma farti!! My mission in the Saudi desert is complete


howd you decide that it was time to go?


The camels started looking sexy


Word came from

amor fati(love your fate)

by artigs