15 Aug 2018



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dimply n;simply dope’

or simply 'delish', devine, or simply devilish/dangerous; something or someone great or excellent but, can be hazardous to your heart



The word, ‘dimply’ is, much cooler and quicker than saying, ‘simply beautiful’


Can be, ‘simply beautiful’, but with a ‘buyer beware’, ‘proceed with caution’, ‘dimply’ warning label added


Someone, 'dimply' is usually initially greeted by a 'thumbs up' indicating satisfaction or approval and then a thumb to index finger, (thimdex), a circular, 'ok' sign can be used assuming all goes well, if on the other hand all goes to hell, first comes a frown, followed by a dim, 'thumbs way down' 



dim; to become darker



dim; thumb


serbo creation/slovene

dim; smoke



dim; dimunitive; small, youth



dim; dimply!!!


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Wow!! Shes dimply!


Simply dont do it bro!!

 Dont let those cute little dimples fool you bro, shell eat you alive!!


Just what Im looking for bra, ill give her a dimply thimdex, ok anyway!!




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Word came from

simply dope, devine, delish, devilish

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