29 Jun 2018



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Troid n; Trump-roid; ‘Trump You Up Roids’

Troids; steroids on Trump


 Troid; a fight with Trump as being, no contest; AKA a losing battle


A Trump-roid(Troid), is like Winning, on steroids, but its all natural, more potent and effective than any steroid, and comes from 100% pure determination and fight


Troid; Trump priming roid; any sweet-gale tweet, rallies, speeches or anything Trumpesque, will pump you up like steroids on Trump








From Old Irish troit (“fight, battle, quarrel”).




troid f (genitive singular troda, nominative plural troideanna)


1. a fight




troid (past throid, future troididh, verbal noun trod, past participle troidte)


1. quarrel, squabble, row, fight (usually verbally)


2. chide, reprove, scold



Example use

"Going into battle against the most powerful man on Earth is a 'Troid' one should definitely avoid"

Word came from

Tump + roid = Troid

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