13 Jun 2018



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coolquauis (‘cool-kwah-you-iz’);

cool, loquacity, with great ears; an awesome listener and quality speaker

coolquauis n; very easy to talk to; a perfect balance of effective speech and active quality(qua) listening



coolquauis n; cool speak, from quality,whole hearted, listening,


undivided attention that gets one where one is coming from


the fine art of listening transcends the quality of speaking


without genuine listening, speaking no longer heals



qua; quality 



qua; in the capacity of, because of










Example use

Coolquauis brother!!! You haven’t said much yet but you sure can listen!!

Word came from

loquacious; tending to talk a great deal; talkative.


If youre gonna be loquacious you better make it cool


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by truble