31 May 2018




busheimerz n; memory loss caused by over doing the booz, while chasing the tush and the babes, waking up with a horrible hangover, no memory of anything you did, good or bad, or how you even got home that night


The residual negative side effects from a nasty busheimerz spell is percieved by most those who eventually grow out of it, as not worth it any longer bec even though some of your friends may assure you that you had lots of fun, and you were the life of the party, maybe even got laid, but since you cant remember any of it, its as if that day never even happened, until you notice your bank statement and your totaled car



Example use


Dude, ill never do that to myself again




Do what?




Whatever I did last night, I cant remember shiit




dude you got , Busheimerz!!!!……


Word came from

alzheimer's + booz + babes + tush

by artigs