02 May 2018




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Note: this is not the reservoir dogs guy from the movie, he's a real killer who was recently danakhilled 

danakhil(dan-akhil); 100% proof positive, evidence; busted

A danakhil can be ‘the missing ‘link’ in a chain’ of unsolved cases as well as

‘the final nail in the coffin’ 

Like the powerful divergence of a triple junction, tectonic plate, ‘Danakil’ eruption, located at the hottest place on earth in africa;  a danakhil(noun or verb), combines ‘DNA’ and ‘link’ and can be used in exaltation when a case is finally solved; a ‘win’ or ‘kill’, if you will in the name of justice, via using an advanced, DNA linking technology that transcends the crime solving business, to an exact science.




The danakhil can bust reservoir dog like criminals who got away with murder many years ago when crime busting technology wasn’t so advanced.




DANAKHIL can also be used to clear suspects and exonerate persons mistakenly accused or convicted of crimes




dan; to give, or to give or get ‘dna’ used towards solving a case




akil; intelligent, reason


akhil; complete, 100% proof positive












“one who uses reason.”



the Sanskrit word akhila is "complete", "whole".[








Example use

NCIS crime officer and his boss






‘I got the DAN boss!!!’






‘you gotta be kidding me!!!?? You got the dan?!!! If we got the ‘dan’ very soon we’ll have, ‘akhila’!!!….




Yep, that be another, ‘danakhil’ under our belt boss!!



Word came from

DNA + LINK + AKIL + AKHILA = dan-akhil

by artigs