17 Apr 2018




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troma (tromatized); ‘Trump coma’; when elitists passionately avoid reality 


triggered by a traumatic loss to a winner so despised or hated, it causes, a ‘tromatic’ stupor, reality black out, where the trater (Trump hater) makes absolutely no sense at all


However, if lucky, the trater eventually starts to come out of the troma, going through a kind of metamorphosis called, ‘meenow-morphortrump-osis, a cathartic, trumpsformation and ascension back to reality, and a higher, 4th dimention, our natural, spiritual place


Fortunately, coming out of a self induced tromatic, head injury troma can actually wipe out the 'weight' of a traters 'hate' which leaves more brain capacity room for increased intelligence   


Before eventually coming out of a, troma, the liberal trater goes through a sort of hibernation, purgatory, healing process that not only makes them smarter, and more sensible when they come out of it, it also decreases the swelling in their brain





troma; weight





troma; celluloid


celluloid; a fake person, ‘app’sentminded, always stuck to the phone, hobbits, lesbians and geeks= democrats until they come out of the 'troma'



Example use

A typical, ‘Trater’(before and during a Troma);


 “Trump is a mean, cold, bully ice-hole!




After coming out of a Troma…


Doctor asks; So is Trump still a mean cold bully ice hole?!


Trater; Yaa, he certainly is, but he’s our mean, bully, ice-hole!! Just the right man to protect our land, from the real evil ice-holes of the world… With such “Trump-mend-US” power, he’s helping US to unite our states, ‘for Americans’..not ‘of America’


Doctor doctor!!! the trater’s IQ has soard off the charts, he’s brilliant!!


Doctor; He’s not a, ‘trater’ any longer, hes, a ‘trainer’, on the Trump train, the ‘troma’ helped make his new choice a no-brainer …


What if the Trater fails to come out of a Troma?


Im afraid that would be the pitts, if its a guy the Trater would turn into a, ‘retarr’, if it’s a girl


Shed be a, ‘tarter’, forever stuck together, like tarrbaby bras, in the Bra-lea tarpits!!!   




‘enjoy your troma, ‘be it that comas heal… beeatch!”


“Call me when you come out of the Troma..”


Word came from

trump + coma