17 Apr 2018



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twenema n; moving tweets; tweets that make you ‘move’; drinking coffee while reading a moving tweet


twenema; a series of prolonged, jarrng tweets that eventually work like getting a coffee enema up the butt, tweets that may keep a nation, up all night thinking, but its simple truth, acts like a jet stream fluid injected into a system’s rectum that causes evacuation of unwanted swampy waste and toxins.




From Late Latin enema, from Ancient Greek ?νεμα (énema, “injection”), from ?ν?ημι (ení?mi, “I inject, send in, put in”), from (en, “in”) + ?ημι (hí?mi, “I send”).






Example use

Can you believe all the political turmoil going on??


Yep, it makes sense, it was certainly a dirtier house!! No pain, no gain, Washington got its first enema, thanks to Trump and his ‘twenema’, house cleaning, campaign   


Word came from

tweet + enema

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This gonna hurt you more than its gonna tickle me