06 Apr 2018

Fled Frin-stoned


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Fled Frin-stoned; to be so extremely ‘gone’ that you are ‘fled’ in yourbed’ from all the Frin-gilla droning; crazy buzzing, gone on in your head


Flying high, like a crazy, humming, buzzing, FINCH bird, you realize youre completely


fled; freakin lost, fried to an emergency code red, so you run away from the danger, thinking about it first in your head, but then decide the safest route is to just stay right where you are, on the floor, as if it were your frikin bed








fled; fried to the floor as if it were your bed, best way to avoid danger, be well read and fed instead






frin (plural frins)


1.    finch (bird family




Frin-gilla; to drone, hum, buzz)




gila; crazy






frin; A portmanteau of fiend and grin. It's usually used when something sinister comes into mind.





Example use

lets go bro!


I cant!! Im totally Fled!!!


You flin-stoned again!!! ??You Fled head!!


In yabadaba-doobudly!!

Word came from

Fred Flinstone

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